Comparison in Iridoids of Eight Noni Juice Products

Comparison in Iridoids of Eight Noni Juice Products Marketed in Japan
– Surprised Iridoid Levels with Large Variations –

Indonesian Noni Juice is the Best Quality


Tokyo Noni Research Center (TNRC) has been collaborating with Faculty of Pharmacy, Nagasaki University in Noni researches since 2001.
We reported levels of scopoletin and medium chain fatty acids, and activity of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) of various noni juice products.
All the reports have demonstrated that Indonesian Noni juice squeezed from mature fruits is the best quality in nutrition, active ingredient contents and anti-oxidation activity.

In a series of Noni researches and quality comparison among various noni juice products marketed in Japan, iridoids, active ingredients of noni juice were analyzed.
The present results have demonstrated that there are significant differences in iridoid levels of eight (8) noni juice products and it is concluded Indonesian squeezed noni juice product is the best. 

The results will be reported at t

Before the conference, some data are presented because TNRC would like to share the results with its members and supporters as early as possible.

The abstract of the Conference is seen here.


The results of deacetylasperulosidic acid (DAA), asperulosidic acid (AA) and their total values were summarized in the following table.

Product Origin DAA (μg/mL) AA
Total(μg/mL) Ratio
Price ratio
100% Noni juice Cook island 1981 17.8 1,999 54.6 1.67 3.1
100% Noni juice Philippines 67 N.D. 67 1.8 0.77 42.8
Morinda citrifolia100% juice Okinawa Japan 187 90.2 277 7.6 0.70 9.2
Noni Pure,  Organic JAS Tahiti 1479 52.7 1,532 41.8 1.26 3.01
Noni Spirit Samoa 2423 31.1 2,454 67.0 1.23 1.84
Tahitian Noni Tahiti 740 6.1 746 20.4 1.01 4.95
Noni Pure Hawaii 1420 74.6 1,495 40.8 0.88 2.16
Squeezed noni Juice 100%, OrganicJAS Indonesia 2915 746.6 3,662 100 1 1

Total = DAA + AA,  N.D. = Not detected

As shown in the summarized table, there are significant variations in levels of both DAA and AA among 8 products.
The lowest product is made in the Philippines followed by Okinawa, Japan.
Each level is highest in Indonesian squeezed Organic Noni juice.

When total iridoid levels are compared as a ratio of 100% in Indonesian Noni juice, the other noni juice products are less than 67%.

Most popular product, Tahitian Noni juice in Japan and other countries shows 20% only, 1/5 compared to Indonesian squeezed noni juice,

Based on retail price and quantity in each product, price ratios were calculated when Indonesian squeezed noni juice is 1.
Further, adjusted values of each product were computed by considering total iridoid levels and price ratio per volume.
If the comparison between Tahitian Noni juice and Indonesian squeezed Organic JAS noni juice is highlighted, the former is almost 5 times higher than the latter.

It is concluded that prices of noni juice products are not co-related to their qualities.


Iridoids were named after ingredient found in excreta from the ant of  Iridomyrmex and have special chemical structures of  mono-terpene.
DAA and AA are iridoid derivatives and significant active ingredients in noni fruit and leaf  as TNRC emphasized its importance in Noni Booklet 3 in 2005.
Iridoid has various pharmacological and physiological  functions as follows:

Anti-allergic effect
Anti-arthritis effect
Anti-inflammatory effect
Antibacterial action
Antifungal effect
Platelet coagulation action
Anti-oxidant effect
Anti-contraction effect
Immunomodulatory action
Insecticidal action
Wound healing effect
Neuro-protective effect
Nerve cell growth factor promoting activity

The present results suggest that iridoid contents in noni juice products must be one of good quality indicators.
The results of iridoid content analyses in various origins and products are almost comparable with those of scopoletin levels (comparison of scopoletin in various noni products).  

Noni juice products from the Philippines and Okinawa, Japan are not called as noni juice because of low iridoid levels.
Both products are not 100% noni juice, but  may be intentionally diluted with water or any other fluids.

TNRC would like to advise to people concerning their health and taking noni juice to pay more attention when they choose the noni product.
Prices and promotions/advertisements are not always associated with quality of product.


This study was conducted by the grant from M&K Laboratories, Inc. Japan.


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